March 28, 2023
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Total Apartment Buildings 3048
Total Neighborhoods:  2495
Total Registered Neighbors 17932

With very little effort, you can create a vibrant community among the people you already share the same walls, roof or street with.  We make it very easy for you. 

Meet The Neighbors gives each apartment building, street or suburban neighborhood (or family, or resident association, condo board or group of any kind, really), its own homepage and lets you and your neighbors: 

-Communicate with Private Messaging features

- Post on a public Message Board just for your location

- Organize get togethers with handy event planning/RSVP tools

- Create polls and vote on all kinds of stuff

- Find neighbors who live nearby

-Maintain security & privacy and protect your identity

And it's free

Here's how it works! By Jared Nissim, Founder

Back in June of 2002, I decided I wanted to meet the other people who lived in my building. I was tired of passing them in the hallway, only to exchange a nod but never actually getting to know them. My building was full of seemingly cool people, but there was never an opportune chance to meet them. So I decided to hold a gathering and invite all my neighbors.

I printed up a note and slipped it under everyone's door. It said "Hi, my name is Jared, in #100. I'd like to organize a gathering so that everyone in our building can meet and get to know each other. Please write your email address on this form, return it to me and I will gather everyone's information and organize something."  Over half the people in the building slipped the note back under my door with their email address. Some even wrote comments like "Great idea! Thanks for taking the initiative to do this!"

I held a gathering and 12 out of 20 residents in the building came. Out of that one gathering, several relationships & friendships were born that still exist today. My building became very social and a true community developed in time. We even joined forces to turn our backyard patio into a garden oasis where we all took up headquarters to help each other through the blackout of August, 2003.

I had a hunch that turned out to be true: Most of the people who lived in my building wanted to meet each other - they just needed a good opportunity and reason to do so. I simply took a little initiative and made it happen.

You can do this in YOUR building, or on your street, or in your neighborhood, or for your family to keep in touch! You decide what kind of community YOU want to start.  We make it really easy!

Just follow these simple steps:

1) Register your location
2) Print up the flyer that we generate for you
3) Slip it under everyone's door and hang it up in the hallways, or around the hood
4) Your neighbors will get the word and then join your location
5) Introduce yourself to each neighbor that joins, and introduce them to each other
6) Plan a gathering and take initiative - your neighbors will respond!

So, what are you waiting for? If you have questions, were here to help. Read our FAQs for some good information and advice. Otherwise...

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